1973 Link Belt HC 218 82 ton

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  • End Date 07/31/2017
    End Time 03:00 pm EST (UTC -4)
  • Storage Fee
  • Engine 1 Make Cummins
  • Engine 1 Model twin disc converter
  • Engine 1 Hours
  • Engine 1 Transmission 10 speed
  • Engine 2 Make Cummins
  • Engine 2 Model
  • Engine 2 Hours
  • Engine 2 Transmission
  • Tire Size
  • Tire Condition
  • Track Condition
  • Comments

    5-sheave block, single sheave block,ball, front bumper counter weight, 2 piece rear counter weight.

    The Insured vehicle inspected 7-9-17 at a large wide spot in the road just south of Renovo Pa.

    The Serial # 18HA-454 plate # 73-128 on two plates one on RF hood and the on the on the RT Cab panel.

    Mileage on C&C 6,291, Hrs on crane portion 2,945

    See Truck inspection report and also the Sales invoice with all known specs and cost of $35,975.00 on 12/15/2016.

    In addition Insured supplied an invoice for all new 12 tires at a cost of $11,849.24, but were not installed and all 12 tires on Insured vehicle

    are dry rotted and or cut.

    No Pa state inspection and NO Pa license plates on the Truck Crane.

    Re Certification: The latest Certificate on this unit expired 02/23/2017.

    Scope of Damage as result of loss 6-23-17:

    Needs repairs to RF grille, grille panel behind grille, Rt mirror and bracket, repair RT engine panel, one ladder, Cab complete Rt side and front and other side twisted.

    The step at the crane cab missing with the mount holes exposed, the removable ladder OK. The ladder AND grab handle on the cab and engine panel are damaged. The Windshield glass broken and missing

    allowing the weather into the cab gauges and controls.

    Minor surface rust to front grille, RF hood with rot holes in hood, both cabs have surface rust and fatigue cracks on the crane rear cab.

    This unit in Good condition for a 1973 model year truck crane.

    I visually inspected the cables no fraying noted, all pins look good with no excessive wear, the lattice boom section looked good.

    Lattice Boom 140' of 60" pins with 30' jib

    A current Certification would confirm my visual inspection.


    Re engines up and down are Cummins can not locate the tags to verify model and HP. If you need this will have to research with a dealer.

    The Transmission is a 10 speed and again can not confirm model #.

    The tandem front and rear suspension have waking beam suspensions. Can not confirm the rears model and ration.


    Seller to negotiate shipping and invoice terms prior to final payment. Loading , domestic and international transport rates are available for any crane. Ex-works from location

    All inspections must be completed before the bidding ends. All sales are final and the winning buyer is expected to make full payment upon request to do so.

  • Cab Options
  • Undercarriage Condition
  • PTO --
  • Boom Yes
  • Boom Length 16006 ft
  • Jib Yes
  • Jib Length 30
  • Counter Weight Yes
  • Load Out Help --